Henrik Haven (born in 1975) is a Danish photographer, curator, media relations specialist and project manager – primarily working in the arts and cultural industries for clients within contemporary art, architecture and design. He has documented and promoted numerous exhibitions, public art events, fairs, studio work and artists around the world.

Contemporary art is a lifelong passion for Henrik and after 15 years of working with public relations in the music industry, he decided to make his personal passion a way of life.

Whether it be climb, crawl, scrape, break the door down or ask politely, Henrik does whatever it takes to get the best shots possible of his subjects. His determination is only equalled by his friendliness.”  
– Shepard Fairey (Artist)

Henrik’s photography is characterised by his ability to capture the essence of his subject; that specific angle or detail. He is also known for documenting the process behind the work, situations that creates a perfect symbiosis between the artist and the artwork. Like storytelling, his photographs brings all the different layers of an artwork to life.

Henrik Haven is an elite in the world of art photography. Traveling the world and waiting for the perfect conditions to capture his shots, his attention to detail is outstanding. From the streets to the galleries, Haven is a dynamic force behind the camera, using his vast background knowledge and carefully curated personal relationships to secure intimate and insightful images.”  
– Roland Henry (Managing Editor, VNA Magazine)

Henrik has worked closely with prominent artists like Shepard Fairey, Conor Harrington, Vhils, Tal R, Aryz, Borondo, Sainer, Axel Void, ROA, Carl Krull, Troels Carlsen, HuskMitNavn, Saner, Faith47, Fintan MaGee, DALeast, Ernest Zacharevic, Michael Johansson, Icy and Sot, Franco Fasoli, Isaac Cordal, Nychos, DotDotDot, TelmoMiel and Søren Solkær – and collaborated on large scale events and projects with NuArt, Urban Nation, No Limit Borås, The Crystal Ship, Visit Oostende, Toerisme Oostende, ArtRebels, Øksnehallen, Odense Kommune and Horsens Kommune amongst others.

I’ve done business with Henrik Haven during Søren Solkær’s SURFACE project and large-scale exhibition in Øksnehallen. Henrik is a very dedicated person and I enjoyed working together with him on both a professional and personal level. Thanks to him we had a media reach way beyond our expectations. He is a passionate and incredible hard worker, loyal, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to archieve the high level he sets as his standard. Henrik will be an asset to any assignment you may have.”  
– Rikke Søborg (Marketing Manager, Øksnehallen/DGI-Byen)

His work has been published in a variety of books, magazines and newspapers and he is a regular contributor to leading international art publications, blogs and social medias like HYPEBEAST, Juxtapoz Magazine, VNA Magazine, Graffiti Art Magazine, Arrested Motion, Widewalls, StreetArtNews, Brooklyn Street Art, Instagrafite and Bitchslap Magazine.

Henrik’s focus on contemporary art offers great diversity and has also opened a door for curating as well as artist- and project management – and he is always looking to expand his horizon through persistent curiosity and careful networking.

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